So The World Thinks American Women Are ‘Easy’?

I saw the advert below while riding the tube this morning.  It is Virgin Holidays‘ new approach to get Brits to visit Vegas:

Virgin Ad
Virgin Ad

This is what Richard Branson (the Owner of the company) has to say about his ad – ‘As yet another clever (and very true) Las Vegas ad aimed at us Brits says: “Visit a place where your accent is an aphrodisiac!”

Spot on Virgin!  I often tempt my English friends to visit my home country by convincing them there is a huge chance of getting laid.  In fact, it’s really the only selling point America has going for it.

C’mon! Get real.

I appreciate the English accent as much as the next lady but I have a problem with this because it assumes;
1) American women are easy,
2) Men are only capable of choosing holidays based on the possibility of getting some action (men everywhere should be appalled).

The other problem with this ad is the message is sends to the world about American women.  The world sees this and thinks we are easy, slutty, ready to drop our inhibitions at the mere utterance of ‘cheers, love’.  That’s not okay.

It just that, well it’s kinda disappointing when someone, like Richard Branson, has such a high position – and the ability to shape and influence our perceptions, but uses it to further the ‘seek your gratification’ and ‘women are objects of our enjoyment’ mentality.  If only our world leaders could build their empires on promoting the ‘something better, something greater’ mentality.

On a side note, does he have a bunch of lads (frat boys, to you Americans) doing his marketing?  I can’t fathom any woman passing this off.

I’ll end my rant now but first – can I just shout out to all my American sisters and say: something has got to shift in our society – because we are not being known for our strength, creativity, wisdom and compassion.  The ad above is what we are known for, and it is not cool!


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