An Open Letter of Apology to my High School (Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife)

BallardAn Open Letter of Apology to my High School:

Preface:  Pulling a senior prank in high school was considered a rite of passage (is it still?). Forget about getting good grades – to go out with a bang, to leave a legacy, was all any student could hope to achieve.

This year marks my 10 year high school reunion. I won’t be able to attend, as I live on another continent. So I thought I’d share in the momentous occasion in some way. Thus, I’ve written this letter. It is a letter to my alma mater: Ballard High School.

Dear Ballard,

In my opinion, we knew each other well. I roamed your halls between classes. I used your parking lots as a meet up point with friends. I spent a lot of afternoons in your detention hall. I felt like you and I were pretty close acquaintances.

Us students called ourselves the crunk* class of ’05. And I always tried my best to live up to that name. As an ’05 graduate, one could only conclude that we would have to pull off a prank of epic proportions. Our prank would have to top all others. So I set out to do just that.

(*Warning: it’s not the nicest definition! )

It happened by chance, really. One day, after school, I was driving through your neighborhood when I stumbled upon a large piles of bricks. I don’t know what inspired me to collect them and load them into the bed of my pickup truck.

It wasn’t until days later that I figured out the purpose those bricks would serve.

I went to my local hardware store and purchased all the necessary equipment.

I made calls, recruiting the pranksters.

I set the time – just after midnight.

I gave the instructions – dress in dark clothes.

I met with the others and we set to work.

We worked quickly but precisely.

I will assume responsibility, as it was my idea. It was all me.

I commissioned the building of the brick wall in front of the parking lot.

The concept was simple, but brilliant. Build a brick wall in front of the parking lot, ensure it’s built in such a way to cause a traffic jam. The rush hour traffic will be an asset. No one will be able to enter. The traffic will pile up and there will be no where to go. All access to the school will be blocked. Class will be cancelled. Victory!

(I am aware other pranks happened that night. Some took it too far, they were out of line. For that I do not assume responsibility).

But *sigh* we were caught.

The wall was only partially built when the security guard came. The next morning, to my dismay, my brick wall was gone. It was a tragic flaw in my plan. Your staff knew we’d try something. It’s just a shame that it had to work out that way. It would have been a prank for the history books, I am sure.

I just hope you didn’t take it personal. It was never anything against you. I admit, near the end I was eager to get away from you. But looking back, I should have enjoyed those years more. I should have been content to be a teen, for just a little while longer.

I’ve grown up, I am a responsible adult now. You helped shaped me. I’m grateful for those experiences we had together.

You treated us well; you gave us fond memories. And life-long friends. So, thank you.

Yours truly,

This year the class of ’05 reunites. I hope it will be an occasion of epic proportions.


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  1. This is great! We, too, tried a fun little prank the night before our last day of senior year at the ol’ Highview Baptist School. We “came across” some very large, industrial sized rolls of toilet paper (from some industrial restrooms, of course) and found an open door in the church that lead to our school. Four of us, the others shall remain nameless, spent hours and hours “TP’ing” the inside of our school. Four different floors… hallways… lockers… you couldn’t walk there was so much. It was hanging from the ceilings, tied around door knobs… you name it! It was great; if only we had cell phones back in those days we could have captured incredible pictures that would have definitely landed us outside of the school walls on graduation day. Anyway, we couldn’t wait to hear the stories in the morning. However; to our dismay, every last square had been removed before the first student ever enter the premises. Such spoil sports! Oh, well… we had a fun time and a story to share! 🙂


    1. amandamiah says:

      Ha! That’s awesome. Glad I’m not the only wild one!


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