Trying for Number Two (four)???

People often ask me when we are having our next one. Baby, that is.

I usually respond, ‘Ummm I don’t know.’ And honestly, I don’t. I’m very conflicted about the idea of adding to our family.

(Excuse the confusing title – technically speaking, I already have three: one birth daughter, one step-daughter, and a son. But I only have one with my husband, so our second would be the potential new baby, of which I am writing about.)

Now that we are all on the same page . . .

Back to the issue of having another baby. I am hesitant about it for many reasons. Maybe you can relate?

Both of my pregnancies were lonely, for very different reasons. My first, I was just a teenager. The popular belief that ‘everyone is doing it’ didn’t really apply to my situation. I didn’t have any friends to share in the experience with. Into the 6th month of the pregnancy I switched schools and practically stopped going out (unless you count going to lunch with your parents – which, let’s be honest, isn’t all that cool to the average 16 year old . . . although I am thankful for it now!).

My second pregnancy was lonely for other reasons. I was in a brand new country and had only a handful of friends – all of which led busy lives. My husband worked full time and I was at home alone most days. I had to constantly battle loneliness and homesickness. I couldn’t confess my feelings because I was adamant to stick it through – to make my life here in England.

Aside from the loneliness, – and unlike my first one – I didn’t enjoy pregnancy the second time around. I was one of those disgusting pregnant ladies. I was hormonal and gross and sweaty (cough*windy*cough). Most pregnant women carry that ‘glow’. Not me. I struggled with my iron levels, and maintained a pasty, ghostly Casper-like appearance.

And I had a high risk labor and delivery with Kiean. It was traumatic. You can find out more in Placing Bets.

I think about number two, and I struggle with the thought of going through it all again. Some people cope beautifully with sleepless nights and breastfeeding. I am not lucky enough to be counted among them. Then there’s the practicalities, like getting a family of 5 back and forth to the US every year. I can’t see how it would work. Also not being able to drive (still haven’t mastered the whole driving in the UK thing) and being stuck at home with a baby again doesn’t appeal. And then I think ‘Oh, I am a terrible woman. I should want another child. What’s wrong with me?’

Sometimes I look at Kiean while he sits and plays with his toys. He often asks me and Leigh to join in. I want him to have a little sibling to play with.Then I think about all the things I’ve just written. It’s a catch 22.

I’m 27. I’ve got time on my side; however, Kiean will be three this September and the gap widens with every passing day.

Surely someone out there has these feelings too? Or am I alone in this? (Please say you do, it will make me feel much better!)


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  1. Cyma says:

    You arnt alone thinking so, raising a child isnt easy. It comes with the full package and as much as we all want siblings for our growing little ones, i think somewhere along the line we tend to forget that we need time for ourselves, time to focus on our existing children, time for life. I struggled with my boys as they have a 4 year gap, but Naael’s turned 3 now and each passing day means more gap. I can totally relate to you on this. Is not easy even thinking about it.

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    1. amandamiah says:

      It especially feels less easy in a big city, ya know? We’re kind of going at it alone more often than not.


  2. Lorelei Fray says:

    I hear you Amanda!! 🙂 I’m very much in the same ‘I just don’t know’ phase…

    Lord- bring clarity!

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    1. amandamiah says:

      Yes! Clarity is key!


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