The Competition Between Me and My Step Daughter

You may think that there is family tension going on, but don’t let the title fool you.

Do you want to know what this post is really about? It’s about how encouraging the gifts in another releases them to do great things . . . and, as a byproduct, it can birth a special bond between you and the person you’re encouraging. (So if you are having tensions in your family perhaps this is something to consider.)

me and betty

My step daughter, Bethany, is a really talented writer. She’s one of the best in her class. Sometimes she will disappear for hours only to reappear with a notebook full of carefully crafted poems.

Not too long ago, I was in the public library with Kiean (my little one) when I saw an advertisement for a poetry contest. I immediately thought of Bethany so I took a copy of the leaflet.

At first she wasn’t so sure about entering it.

“What if I’m not good enough?” I think were her words.

So I suggested we do it together.

I sent in a poem. Then we looked over some of her work. Leigh and I told her which were our favorites. She considered our suggestions and picked three to submit.

It was amazing to see how a little encouragement changed her demeanor. We believed she had the talent to do it . . .  soon she did too.

She lit up. She was excited.

I loved that she was applying herself to something of substance. There are lots of insubstantial, meaningless things vying for her attention. As she grows into her teenage years, I want to always be encouraging her to do things that are wholesome and will add meaning to her life.

Afterwords we talked about what we would do with the winnings, should either of us be selected . . . New phone, vacation, shopping spree?!

It has been a fun little project for us. Soon we will find out the results.

Doing this has made me realize how important it is to help our loved ones to see the good in themselves. Words can have the potential to make a huge impact on someone.

Can you think of someone who could benefit from a little encouragement?


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