My Adoption Story: Part IV

If you’re new to my story, you can catch up on Part I, Part II, and Part III now.

Visiting the pregnancy centre was a huge help. They walked me through all of the questions I had and provided me with some helpful resources. It was during one of my visits there that I was given a catalogue of couples who were wanting to adopt.

The catalogue was filled with stories and photographs of couples and I was meant to pick one. The stories spoke about how the couples met and why they wanted children. Each file included information about jobs, homes and their ideas of what a family should be. I found this part a bit strange. It almost seemed like shopping for parents.

Around the same time I received a call from my boyfriend’s mom. A colleague of hers told her about a couple in Kentucky who couldn’t have children.

They sent an email. The fact that they went out of their way to get in touch with us was significant to me. They weren’t just a file in a folder, like the others had been.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

‘J and I are both avid University of Kentucky fans (football and basketball). J enjoys playing golf and cooking. In fact, he cooks about 90% of our meals at home. We enjoy grilling in the summer and spending time on our deck with friends. J loves the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees (don’t hold that against him!) I love the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Braves! I enjoy photography, landscaping, decorating, reading, and water sports. We love to travel and spend time together.’

After reading all about how they met, about their families, their careers, their hobbies, and vacations I felt like I knew them already! They seemed very personable and kind. The letter made me want to meet them.

Going into the meeting I knew the ball was in my court. I’m sure this made them feel a bit anxious. Would I like them? Would I consider letting them raise my baby? Would I choose them to be the parents?

I met them at my church. The wife, we can call her N, was very sweet – she reminded me of your typical southern woman. She was blonde and had blue eyes, like me. I remember thinking that maybe the baby would have these traits too, and that she would look the part of the baby’s mom (if I did choose them). The husband, J, was really funny. He was a teacher and coached basketball, a man’s man. You couldn’t help but like them.

The first meeting was really casual. My parents were there, as well as my boyfriend and his parents. There may have been a few others, I can’t really remember.

All it took was that one meeting and I knew they were the ones I wanted to raise the baby.

They were everything a baby deserved. They were married and in love; they had a nice home and established jobs. They were part of a great family and had the same religious beliefs as me, they were kind and fun. I didn’t have a single doubt about them.

I thought it over for a few days, just to make sure. When I told my parents, they felt the same way.

And with that, it was decided.

A first hand account of the story is in Placing Bets. I’ve been working on finalizing it, so expect a post about its release very soon!

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