Building an Ark – Placing Bets

I’ve just finished the final edits for the book I’ve been working on since January. As soon as I hit ‘save’ I looked at the clock (to note the official time I can say I finished the book). When I saw the time on my phone, it was 4.30pm. But what stood out to me more was the date – June 14, nine years to the day when I left my old life behind to follow Jesus. I just love significant details like that.

This book has been an ark of sorts for me. I felt commissioned to write it at the end of 2014, but the prospect of writing a book seemed impossible. Insurmountable. How was I supposed to write a book on top of everything else I had to do. But somehow, by the grace of God, it happened.

I tried to spend at least a little time writing every day (although it didn’t always happen). The urge to write suddenly took over. I woke up thinking about writing and I went to sleep thinking about writing. If a thought came to me in the middle of the night, I got up and wrote it down. Manuscript

My ark is nearly ready. And I’m pretty pumped. I’m hoping it will be available in a few weeks.

So here is a little bit about the book:

The title for this book has significant meaning, which I’d love to share with you. When a natural mother chooses the path of adoption, the favored terminology used is ‘placing the baby for adoption’. In an effort to maintain my natural daughter’s anonymity I used a pseudonym – Betsy. Thus, the title Placing Bets was formed. The term ‘placing bets’ also brings forth a suggestion of risk taking – which seems suitable, as it goes without saying that my whole life can be summed up in the risks I’ve taken. So, for me, the title feels as though it truly grasps the essence of my story.

I can’t wait to say it is ready and here!  You’ll be the first to know.


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