My Adoption Story: the Book

The book I started at the beginning of this year, Placing Bets, is finally here!

This book is the story of my experience with adoption. In it, I reveal my personal journey – It’s a captivating story – one which I hope you’ll connect with.


This picture is me, just after the adoption. I look happy, don’t I? The night of that visit, I cried myself to sleep.

Truthfully, I’ve been struggling with even putting Placing Bets out there. Doing something like this goes against the grain of how people like to present themselves: successful, doing well for themselves, put together . . . this book is none of that.

How do I describe this book? At its best, it’s vulnerable and raw, and sometimes funny. At its worst, it’s shallow and shows my slightly vengeful side. The book puts lots of emphasis on relationships. Why? I wrote this with teenagers in mind. And when I was a teenager, that’s the kind of stuff I wanted to read about. The beginning of the story is told from the perspective of a 15 year-old girl, and it progresses throughout the various stages of my life.

The difficult part about it is that it exposes the worst of me, and just knowing that people will read and know all these intimate things about me is scary.

What I can attest to, is that I feel a world away from the Amanda who appears in the beginning of this book. I’ve changed so much throughout the last six years of my life – and sometimes it’s hard to even recognize the girl I once was.

But for the sake of sharing this story I had to go back to those places. Re-live them.

Lots of tears went into writing this book. And frustration; and wondering ‘why did I ever choose that?’

But my hope is that someone can be inspired by the story. That maybe they will know that the path you once took doesn’t have to define your future. It didn’t with mine.

So without further ado, here it is:
(There is a description of the book on the Placing Bets page.)


Placing Bets

Placing Bets is now available!

If you’re in the UK click here: Placing Bets



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lorelei Fray says:

    Congratulations Amanda! So proud of you! And love that you’re a woman living in the reality that you are a NEW creation in Christ! Thank you for letting your story impact others!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. amandamiah says:

    Thanks for the encouragement LL. So great to have your support!


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