Random Stuff You can Do To Bring in Income

Photo Credit: Mary Crandall, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Mary Crandall, Creative Commons

Being that we are a young family on a modest income, I’m always looking for creative ways to pull in a bit of extra money. It helps when things are tight. We have a strict budget that doesn’t leave much room for things outside of the necessities, however, we don’t like to miss out on being able to do fun things together, so I had to figure out ways to ensure we can enjoy life without going outside of our budget.

I’ll admit, I did quite a bit of research to see what’s out there, as there are lots of schemes that promise earning potential that end up being a waste of time. But I have found some useful hacks and I’d like to share them with you!

1. Get paid for website testing:
There is a website called whatusersdo that pays about $10 for every website you test. The tests are really easy, taking about 20 minutes to complete. Basically, I receive an email requesting that I test a site. I log in to my account with whatusersdo and open up their program (I’ve set my computer up to be compatible with their software – it allows them to record my screen and voice on the microphone as I access the site). I follow the guide of what they want me to do. Usually it is to find certain things on the site and see how straightforward the process is. I get about two invitations a week to tests sites. It adds up at the end of the month.

2. Be on a home panel:
I’ve signed on to do home panels with my local super market. They send me products to try and after I test them I fill out a review, and they let me keep the product. This has been an easy way to get free household items here and there. I’ve received all sorts of products: diapers, shampoos, clothes (some are really cute!) They send me a package in the mail, and again, I log into my account and fill out a survey about the product. Every survey you do earns points and once you reach 100 points you get a gift card.

3. Become a mystery diner:
I became a mystery diner about a year ago. My husband and I really wanted to be able to go on dates (ya know, to keep the marriage alive) but it wasn’t really a possibility because our extra money always needed to be used elsewhere. I had to fill out an application to become a diner – the process was very easy and all done online. To do a dine I go into my account and see which restaurants around me are available. I book the date through their website. We go to the restaurant pretending to be typical customers, I try to be really covert 🙂

Afterwards I fill out a report (which typically takes an hour to complete) about the experience and the price of our meal is reimbursed about four weeks later. There is usually certain requirements – some are family dines and some are for two adults only. Some dines they even pay you to do – I can’t think of anything better than getting paid to eat.

You can also visit hotels and cinemas, and it is all paid for. It’s a great way to go out without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in doing this shoot me a comment and I’d be happy to refer you. I know the company are currently looking for diners in the US (Boston and Alexandria, Virginia), Australia, Oatar, Denmark, the UK, Turkey, Barbados etc.

I know I have found these little hacks helpful, and I hope you do too!


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  1. Lorelei Fray says:

    This is awesome!:) I want to be a mystery diner!:)


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