A Crime Worse than Cannabalism

*This is a highly sensitive topic. Please know that if you are reading this as someone who has gone through the route of abortion, know that you are not judged here. You are not looked down upon.*

**I usually don’t cover such controversial topics, but I wrote about redefining pro-choice ages ago, and was never sure when it would come to light, until I saw the video** 

Perhaps by now you’ve heard about the video of the director of Planned Parenthood as she discusses selling the organs of aborted babies, ‘under the table’. When I saw this video lots of thoughts came to mind. I just don’t know how words could do justice to what is happening. But then one word came to mind that seemed a fitting way to describe it: cannibalism – feasting on the dead.

But this is a grade lower than that. It is profiting from the death of the innocent, a death they sow then reap the ‘benefit’ of.

Is this why they push pro-choice so strongly? I could no longer believe they exist to ‘serve’ women.

And this got me thinking. What if we could redefine pro-choice? You see, I like the term pro-choice. Pro, in favor of, advocating. Choice, options. Advocating . . . options. Advocating options. ADOPTIONS. (See what I did there?) The term oozes with power and authority. It holds an air of independence. It speaks of options, and I like options. Cary and Kacey Jordan When it comes to the pro-choice stance, it’s too bad the definition doesn’t really match the term. Before guns start blazing, hear me out. Pro-choice gives women the chance to take control of their bodies, and their reproduction, and its about a woman’s right to choose. I totally get the concept of it. I think women should have rights. But there is a better way to use these rights. Because, you see, when it comes to pro-choice, your right to choose means choice is taken away from someone else.

I want to redefine the terms we use, because I think it could really help us understand what we are getting ourselves into. Re-coining phrases is common. Language is often adjusted in an effort to introduce new ideas.

Can I just say, I prefer to call it like it is. Being in favor of abortion should be called pro-ending or pro-stopping. It better describes the action of what is being advocated – stopping/ending a pregnancy.

Pro-choice should take on a new definition. Pro-choice should be the option to relinquish parental responsibility, in other words, adoption. Really, in essence, abortion also relinquishes parental responsibility (oftentimes before the baby is 20 weeks gestation). So if that is what you want to choose, why not just wait 9 months?

In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, pro-life gives preference to the baby, pro-ending gives preference to the mother, but pro-choice (adoption) gives preference to both. It is a worthy cause. No one loses. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is definitely worth it. The choice to let the baby live will have tremendous rewards.

I realize this is a hard topic, and there are some who will have a tremendously difficult time learning about what Planned Parenthood has done. I can only say that I weep with you. If you’re heart breaks over this, I weep with you.


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