Birthmother Journal: The Perfect Gift for Birth Mothers

Huffington Post recently published an article discussing tips for expectant parents considering adoption. One of these tips suggested that potential birthparents could use writing as a way to process emotions and thoughts experienced throughout the process:

Writing also allows you the space and time to think about your choices, and better yet, it is something you can come back to later on to remind yourself of what you were feeling during different times of your pregnancy. Writing can also be therapeutic and can help you process your feelings and help you get through the tough times after your baby is born.   -Felicia Curcuru, Co-founder of Binti

Since I only started writing about my adoption last year, the article made me wish I’d started journaling years ago, as I was going through the adoption. The thing is, I don’t remember coming across a journal that seemed suitable for what I was experiencing at the time.

Recently I tried searching for a journal, but I couldn’t find anything which seemed like the right fit. Nothing I saw appealed to me.

And I realized that none of what is currently out there would have appealed to me when I was 16 and going through the adoption.

So I decided to start a new project. I wanted to create a journal that looked nice and would be fitting for a young woman going through the adoption process.

So I created the Birthmother Journal: The Journal for Birthmothers

Inside BMJ 2

The guided journal has sections for each month of pregnancy
and also to write in future dreams and goals.

It also has inspirational quotes regarding certain
emotional aspects of going through adoption, such as fear, hope and sacrifice:

“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.”
-Emma Donoghue

The Birthmother Journal: The Journal for Birthmothers is available on Amazon and through other retailers. It is hardback and has an attractive design. Any girl who is going through adoption would love a gift like this. Not only is it thoughtful and fitting, but this journal will be a great tool for a birth mother on her path toward healing after the adoption.



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  1. Lorelei Fray says:

    That’s awesome Amanda!!!

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