Placing Bets

It’s Here!!


Placing Bets

Placing Bets is now available for those in the US!  If you’re in the UK click here:

About the book:

Amanda is a spirited, all-American teenage girl . . . with a secret. In a desperate attempt to put things right, she makes a promise to God—one that she cannot break. Doing what is best for her daughter, she chooses the ultimate sacrifice, but the decision comes with great cost.

After the adoption, Amanda doesn’t know how to cope with all of the emotions resulting from her decision and she falls into a steady decline of destructive behavior. In the pursuit to numb her pain, Amanda seeks solace in all the wrong places, and it nearly damages her beyond repair.

In this captivating tale of risk and hardship, Amanda vigorously fights everything that stands in her way, hoping it will lead to something far greater than she ever imagined. This true story magnifies the sacrifice one must endure and the journey one must take to remove the marks of one’s past in order to find purpose and meaning.

Also check out Amanda’s creation, the Birthmother Journal: The Journal for Birthmothers


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