I recently published my young adult novel, THE TARO WISH.
If you like myths and fantasy, this book is for you!

Honolulu’s streets are rife with secrets and sorcery, and Reis and Dex are runners in its underground network of thieves and charmers. Incited by a forgotten myth, they water-taxi to Maui to steal an ancient relic; however, the whole time, Reis can’t shake the sneaking suspicion someone is on their tail. When plotting the heist, her plan takes a tragic turn, forcing Reis to question her alliances.

With days to go until the sting, she seeks out Dex to convince him to abandon their plan, but when he can’t be found, she fears the thing he has abandoned is her. Now she must outwit Dex’s crafty thinking and steal the relic before he does.

Moana meets Bonnie and Clyde when two thieves are sent to swipe an ancient relic. Magic, myths and twists.

It’s available now on Smashwords or Amazon.

smashwords link


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