Current YA Projects:

A YA historical fantasy that reimagines the last
Mongol invasion of the Ottoman Empire, in the vein of Helen of Troy.

As a favored concubine in Sultan Byzite’s Golden Cage, sixteen-year-old Tembre’s days consist of palace parties, where she uses her beauty to beguile court viziers, who see her as nothing more than a frivolous ornament. But Tembre wants more out of life than glitter and gold; she wants the stars. She passionately dreams of leaving the harem to study astronomy at Enduren, the empire’s school for privileged youth.

When Byzite auctions her off in marriage to the Galgolian warlord Somor, Tembre flees the palace, knowing the perils she’ll face as a woman traveling unaccompanied across Latolya. Her escape takes her through the desert’s unforgiving sprawls, where she encounters thieves, oracles, and conspirators.

On the way to Antolo, Tembre discovers a startling truth—evading marriage with Somor has provoked his pride, and now a thousand ships, manned by his most violent soldiers, are trailing her with orders to bring her back. If she chases her dreams for education, she’ll devastate the empire with war; if she surrenders, she will forever lose herself to the trappings of her beauty.

The consequences seem inescapable, until Tembre discovers she’s not the only one guilty of treachery. Armed with this new revelation, she seeks to deliver vengeance of her own.

This is #ownvoices and explores  truths about illness.

YA Contemporary Fantasy that will appeal to fans of Six of Crows

Honolulu’s streets are rife with secrets and sorcery, and Reis and Dex are runners in its underground network of thieves and charmers. Incited by a forgotten myth, they water-taxi to Maui to steal an ancient relic; however, the whole time, Reis can’t shake the sneaking suspicion someone is on their tail. When plotting the heist, her plan takes a tragic turn, forcing Reis to question her alliances.

With days to go until the sting, she seeks out Dex to convince him to abandon their plan, but when he can’t be found, she fears the thing he has abandoned is her.

Now she must outwit Dex’s crafty thinking and steal the relic before he does, or doom the Haumakua, and herself, to annihilation.

Available Now:


Placing Bets

Placing Bets is now available for those in the US!  If you’re in the UK click here:

About the book:

Amanda is a spirited, all-American teenage girl . . . with a secret. In a desperate attempt to put things right, she makes a promise to God—one that she cannot break. Doing what is best for her daughter, she chooses the ultimate sacrifice, but the decision comes with great cost.

After the adoption, Amanda doesn’t know how to cope with all of the emotions resulting from her decision and she falls into a steady decline of destructive behavior. In the pursuit to numb her pain, Amanda seeks solace in all the wrong places, and it nearly damages her beyond repair.

At her breaking point, a chance encounter sets her on a path of renewed hope. Though somehow, her past always seems to catch up with her.

In this captivating tale of risk and hardship, Amanda vigorously fights everything that stands in her way, hoping it will lead to something far greater than she ever imagined. This true story magnifies the sacrifice one must endure and the journey one must take to remove the marks of one’s past in order to find purpose and meaning.

Also check out Amanda’s creation, the Birthmother Journal: The Journal for Birthmothers


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  1. Katie says:

    I can’t wait! I’m so proud of and to know you!


  2. Janice says:

    Oh my – I can’t wait to see where you take us! I love those times in life when it seems you deposit such an unexpected sweet surprise in the journey. Love & prayers, Mom


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